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30 Kind Acts In 30 Days

We challenge you to take on the 30/30 RKC Challenge! What does this mean? It means that during the month of May, you challenge yourself to perform 30 kind acts. Whether that means you do one kind act a day or you do all 30 acts in one day, it does not matter.

We encourage you to get creative with this and get others involved! Make this a corporate challenge that all of your employees work towards together or get your whole family involved in completing the challenge.


Want to take it one step further? Post to your social media channels telling everyone that you are taking on the Restoring Kindness Canada 30/30 Challenge AND challenge 3 other companies/families/individuals to do the same! Imagine just how many kind acts you could be responsible for if you get others involved!

With each kind act, don't forget to leave a Restoring Kindness Canada card (available to download on our resources tab) and to post on social media your kind act or just the you were out restoring kindness today. This gives your kind acts the opportunity to inspire many others.

Don't forget to tag us @restoringkindnesscanada in every post so we are able to share it as well!

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