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Restoring Kindness Canada was launched by Kevin & Paula Casey, owners of QJS/The Cleaning Guy. This was done in friendship and partnership with Kent Rawhouser of A&J Specialty Services in Wisconsin who begun the movement in the US years ago with a passion to encourage their community to do something kind for a stranger and expect nothing in return.

Restoring Kindness Canada was launched in 2020 during COVID-19, a time our community was struggling with sickness and division. It felt like a time where we needed to get back to DOING something for humanity not just saying or posting something. People need to see unexpected practical acts of love and respect for all people in our community. Let’s take some of the words and social media postings and put them into action. It is really quite simple, pay for the person behind you in the coffee line, pay for someone’s parking meter, treat a police officer or fireman to lunch, cut your neighbors lawn or plow their driveway. Together let’s have fun being creative in how to bless someone unexpectedly. This is what changes and heals hearts and minds and builds community.

QJS, a Durham Region based company, has been a Building Service Contractor for janitorial and specialty services for over 30 years and The Cleaning Guy Inc. is a high end specialty cleaning and protection company servicing all types of flooring and fabrics for over 35 years. As service companies, it isn’t hard for us to want to serve our community. We serve our community in business and want to more personally and intentionally serve, help and heal our community in difficult times.

We are calling on individuals to restore kindness in our communities. Bring it to the office and make it a company wide challenge. It is time to let people know they were a recipient of Restoring Kindness Canada. Leave them a #RestoringKindnessCanada card and encourage them to pay it forward, post their experience of giving or receiving kindness and tag Restoring Kindness Canada.

Join the movement to restore kindness in Canada one random act of kindness at a time.

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