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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any costs involved with RKC?

It costs you nothing but kindness to get involved with RKC. You may choose to put money towards your kind acts, but it is not at all necessary. There are many kind acts that you can do can do that have no monetary commitment, such as leaving someone an encouraging note or shovelling your neighbour’s driveway.

Q: What if we are performing an act of kindness that we are not comfortable posting publicly?

We understand that sometimes we perform a kind act and do not want acknowledgement as our intention is to anonymously bless someone. We cheer you on in doing this. If you perform an act of kindness but would like to keep the act private, do not feel obligated to post anything publicly. An alternative option is simply to post that you were out restoring kindness today - no need to include what you were doing or who you were blessing. 


The reason that we encourage you to publicly post your kind acts is that we are attempting to reach out our arms and grab as many people as possible to run this race with us. Posting publicly, whether you mention your specific kind act or not, is the most effective way to inspire others to join in.

Q: Does RKC have any political or religious affiliations?

This movement has no political or religious affiliation - it is for everyone. Whatever motivates you into action is acceptable. The only rule we will enforce is that whatever is posted as part of the initiative, is in fact kind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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