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As leading companies, these groups have taken on the responsibility of championing Restoring Kindness Canada. They not only model the desired behaviour to be apart of RKC but also meet together to discuss and plan how to make our Kindness Month as successful as possible.

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We want to see companies and organizations willing to stand with us in support of the program. Show the community that your business cares. If you are wanting to participate as a company or organization, send us a message with your logo and we will add you to the list of companies standing with Restoring Kindness Canada. As a supporting partner, we encourage you to post a kind act weekly during our May Kindness Month and monthly during the off months. We also encourage you to get your whole company involved. This is a great opportunity to bring your employees together and make a difference in your community.

For those of you who are a supporting partner, we encourage you to join our private Facebook group: This will be the best way for us to stay connected with you, send you any new information/resources and share challenges/events/etc. with you.

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