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1. As individuals jump in and participate. As you are comfortable, share your experiences of blessing someone unexpectedly while expecting nothing in return.


2. Corporately challenge your company or co-workers to restore kindness in the community. If you are able, set aside company funds or a collection of funds to reach out to your community. Send flowers to your business neighbors, buy lunch for your local emergency services or help the local ice cream store by buying a few dozen coupons and giving them out in the community. Have fun as a company and use this as a team building opportunity.


We want to see corporations willing to stand with us in support of the program. Show the community that your business cares. If you are wanting to participate as a company, send us a message and we will add you to the list of companies standing with Restoring Kindness Canada. We encourage these partnering companies to attempt to post weekly during Kindness Month in May and monthly during the off months.


3. Invite your family, friends, and companies you know to like/follow Restoring Kindness Canada and participate themselves.

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1. Download and print the Restoring Kindness Canada cards located on the "Resources" page. These cards have an area to put your name or company logo if you wish. It is intended that you take ownership of the program.  Letting the community know your company is driving this initiative is perfectly acceptable. Posting the fun your company is having on social media is encouraged. Companies can do well by doing good.


2. Perform your act of kindness and leave the RKC card to let the receiver know about the program. The card will encourage them to post their experience and join in themselves.


3. If appropriate, take a picture or video and with permission, post your kind act to show how you impacted people's lives. Remember to tag Restoring Kindness Canada and use the hashtag #RestoringKindnessCanada.

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